Goodbye 2020: What we learned, what we abandoned, what we will keep

The best part of 2020 is that it is coming to an end, some would say.

We can only agree with this thought and turn our gaze towards a more radiant 2021, where vaccination makes us hope that we will return to normal and we will quickly forget the so inflated “new normal” we have been talking about throughout 2020.

But will it really be so? Will this limbo in which we find ourselves disappear completely to be replaced by our comfortable “same old, same old”? 

It is difficult to say and making predictions is just pure guessing right now.

In this 4-handed summary written by me and Alessandro Crotti, we do not mean to make any predictions or prophecies, but to tell you how our limbo of 2020  has been and what are our resolutions for 2021, exploiting the little good that the crisis has brought: change and adaptation. 

Enjoy our whitepaper, download here: Goodbye 2020

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